Dimensions of Play

Dan McKosky

People’s Choice Award: 2nd Prize

Misiek and the Bloody Monitor

Marianna Mankowska

Bottle Ship

Dorion Barill

A Day in the Art Museum with Stuart Davis and Jesus Christ

Neil Ira Needleman

The First Kiss

Jon Bristol

Fake Feminine

Hea Jung Joo

The Metamorphosis of a Thought

Drew Dingeldein

Lozziday at the Museum

Les Elkind

A La Creme

Ivette Spradlin and Tara Zalwesky-Nease

Roll Your Dice Move Your Mice…Nobody Gets Hurt

Joshua Emery

Liberace at Andy’s Grave

Madelyn Roehrig

Hand vs. Sand

Rahul Arya

Judge’s Choice Award: 2nd Prize

A World of Signs

Shirli Nikolsburg

Humpty Dumpty

Dana Sperry

Air Guitar

Peter Regan and Benn Wilson

camerawork cameraplay

Kristen Lauth Shaeffer


Josh Hausman

One Last Slide

Mike Smith

Rainy Day

Summer Marsh and Brittni Lindgren

Slow Play

Patty Dineen


Russell Tuttle

At Play

Steven Cypher

3 Short Films

Kuesti Fraun


Ben Reicher

Alligators Hate The Room… (The Rest is Just History)

Darin DiNapoli

A Space Odyssey 2011

Jamie Walters

Pittsburgh Pooh

Michael Luck Croneburger

People’s Choice Award: 1st Prize

Be A Good Sport

Paul Kuhrman

Judge’s Choice Award: 1st Prize

Cat Scan

Corey Rieger

Covering Liberace

Paul Leroy Gehres

Kill Yr Boss

Keith Cosby

Al and Arline Childhood Play

Alicia Bonadonna