Fake Feminine

Hea Jung Joo

The Metamorphosis of a Thought

Drew Dingeldein


Josh Hausman

Misiek and the Bloody Monitor

Marianna Mankowska

Al and Arline Childhood Play

Alicia Bonadonna

A World of Signs

Shirli Nikolsburg

Rainy Day

Summer Marsh and Brittni Lindgren

camerawork cameraplay

Kristen Lauth Shaeffer

Liberace at Andy’s Grave

Madelyn Roehrig

A Day in the Art Museum with Stuart Davis and Jesus Christ

Neil Ira Needleman

At Play

Steven Cypher


Russell Tuttle

A Space Odyssey 2011

Jamie Walters

Humpty Dumpty

Dana Sperry

The First Kiss

Jon Bristol

A La Creme

Ivette Spradlin and Tara Zalwesky-Nease

Bottle Ship

Dorion Barill

Kill Yr Boss

Keith Cosby

Pittsburgh Pooh

Michael Luck Croneburger

People’s Choice Award: 1st Prize

Alligators Hate The Room… (The Rest is Just History)

Darin DiNapoli

Roll Your Dice Move Your Mice…Nobody Gets Hurt

Joshua Emery

One Last Slide

Mike Smith

Be A Good Sport

Paul Kuhrman

Judge’s Choice Award: 1st Prize

Hand vs. Sand

Rahul Arya

Judge’s Choice Award: 2nd Prize

Lozziday at the Museum

Les Elkind

Cat Scan

Corey Rieger

Air Guitar

Peter Regan and Benn Wilson

Dimensions of Play

Dan McKosky

People’s Choice Award: 2nd Prize

3 Short Films

Kuesti Fraun


Ben Reicher

Slow Play

Patty Dineen

Covering Liberace

Paul Leroy Gehres